So what is OLAPLEX and Why should you use it?  OLAPLEX is the essence of innovation. Its has been described as the Holy Grail of hair. It is the game changer in the industry, and is a single active ingredient developed by Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker that works to rejuvenate and restore the bonds broken by coloring, chemically treating and heat activated hair styling. This Ingredient leaves the hair stronger, healthier and with a beautiful halo of shine.

Color, bleach, perms, straightening, curling, even putting tension on hair whilst wet (combing, brushing, detangling hair) can damage your hair, breaking the tiny bonds precious to healthy, goodlooking hair. OLAPLEX seeks out this damage; reinforcing and recontrusting those bonds making them more resistent to breakage. OLAPLEX is free of Silicone, Sulfates, Pthalates, DEA, Adehydes and NO animal experimintation or testing is involved in the development of this product. We are simply obsessed with this system of hair care.

OLAPLEX  has three components: The Bond Multiplyer (the pure Olaplex ingredient), Bond Perfector and the Hair Perfector, and there are three ways in which to utilise the system.

The Bond Multiplyer: The Bond Multiplyer is added at the time of coloring or bleaching as a protecive treatment. This will not effect your colour result or grey coverage.

The Bond Perfector: The Bond Perfector is added in the basin as a treatment and is left in your hair for approximtley 5-10 minutes.

The Hair Perfector: The Hair Perfector is take home hairtreatment that should be used once a week at home to help prolong your hair between treatments.



The Protective Treatment: The Protective treatment is done at the same time as coloring. Olaplex 1 is added in with the colour or bleach formula, and then Olaplex 2 is applied to the hair in the basin at the time of rinsing. This form of treatment is standard with any form of coloring and is utilised to protect and enhance the hair during colouring or chemical treatments. The price is $20 per application ontop of your coloring price.

The number of applications used is dependent on hair type. Price may then vary.

The Reparitive Treatment: The Repairative Treatment is perfect for individuals with deeply distressed hair. It is a deep nourishing, restorative, delux formula that can be used as a stand alone intensive therapy, or as a pre-treatment to protect and strengthen hair before a color over-haul.

The Hair Perfector: Also known as O3 is yet to hit the shelves in New Zealand. The Hair Perfector is a take home product in which clients are able to extend and enhance the results that they have achieved in salon between appointments. Follow us on Facebook to stay up dated with this Product.